7 Fun Ways How to Store Board Games

Board games can be a lot of fun and a great way to pass the time and enjoy some quality time with your friends and family. Board games are fun to collect but seem to be impossible to store without becoming a leaning tower that at any moment could topple over.

So, the question is how to store board games in order to make them last longer.

We hope to offer some suggestions that will help you store all of your games in a fashion that even the small children in the family can get at when it is time to pull them out and play. These ideas are also good for board games that couples play together.

1. Use a Basket & Re-sealable Bags


  1. While this may not be the most awesome looking from our ideas, it still works.
  2. Remove the game pieces from the original box and fold the board.
  3. Cut out the instruction set, which can also be used as a label.
  4. Place all of the game material in a Ziploc bag and seal it.
  5. You can place multiple such game boards in a basket. If the board does not fit in the bag, you can place it at the bottom in the basket.
  6. There you go, a cheap way to store game boards.

2. Store the Board Games on their Sides

Get a bookshelf and instead of piling the boxes on top of each other, turn them on their sides. This is also very effective if you put the game pieces inside a plastic zipper bag, this ensures if the top and bottom, for whatever reason, open, they will not spill out.

Once in awhile the short boxes will leave room for one on top that is easily moved around. This makes finding and grabbing the games easy.

3. Don’t Use the Original Boxes

Ditch the original boxes of the games. This works really well for the smaller games that just have cards and dice for example. There are storage boxes that are supposed to be used to store 4×6 inside a larger container. These are used to organize printed photographs, typically. But, they work really well to store smaller games and pieces that don’t have large boards for playing.

To make these a little more visual, you can print out an image and tape it to the box. This will give you the visual of what each game is and make them easier to find.

4. Group the Game Boxes by Similar Sizes

How to Store Board Games - Group by Sizes

Most games use standard size boxes. Grouping the like boxes together will help them be a little more neat and organized as well. Doing this in combination with adjustable shelving can keep your games together and organized without being overwhelming.

Use large rubber bands and create an x on the outside of the box with them to hold the top and bottom lids on the boxes. This allows you to move them around easily without them coming apart and losing pieces.

5. Use Scrapbooking Bins

Scrapbooking bins are another great option. These are similar to the photograph bins as they are made of plastic. These plastic bins will hole up better than the boxes, especially for those that have a lot of use. This particular option is great for schools too.

6. Use an Old Ladder

If you have an old ladder, lying around the house, it could help you. The ladder can rest against the wall in part of your house. You can then use the ladder steps to store the board games. This setup can also made to look cool, by adding a dash of paint on the ladder.

You can re-use the idea from the below video:

7. Buy a Game Table

A small game table might be worth it, if you are an avid gamer. If you play in different parts of the house, consider a rolling table. It is important that the table has a shelf at the bottom to place the game boards.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you find these suggestions useful and helpful.

Let me know in the comments below which storage method you prefer. If you wish to share your storage method with us, drop a note in the comments section.

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