10 Best Space Board Games – Exploration, Strategy, War & Opera 2020

If galaxies, planets, stars, historic landing on the moon, aliens, are your passion, then space board games are meant for you.

Space-themed board games offer fascinating characters from space, enticing galactic graphical game boards, and stunningly crafted miniature alien warriors. 

List of Top 10 Best Space Board Games

1. Twilight Imperium

This game is like creating your own galactic space opera by using more than 1,000 components that come along with the board game.

This freedom of creativity to build your own environment is as mouthwatering as the game itself is. You have 17 different alien races, and a randomized board set up each time. This will ensure that you do not play the same scenario twice.

This board game is best recommended for 3 to 6 players, aged 14 and above. Each game is very intense and takes between 3-6 hours to finish.

The game is all about interstellar supremacy that you may gain by commanding one of the seventeen races.

All of your opponents take charge as well and then begin the galactic war for the throne. This warfare doesn’t only include the battlefield, but trade, political dominance, and alliances are also made to gain an advantage. Any of the races can take part in the battle but only one will sit on the throne of Mecatol Rex.


  • High detailed miniatures to make the gameplay more interesting.
  • Featuring over 1,000 components.
  • A little time-consuming.


2. Space Hulk

This is of the most entertaining board games of our time.

In this game, you have the opportunity to build, assemble, and paint the miniatures. If you love painting miniatures, this game will help satisfy that need. 

The game includes galactic characters, warfare, battlefield, and much more. The battle is between humans and aliens. It allows you to make strategies, tactics, do a little back-stabbing, play politics, and hair-rising wars give you the utmost joy and pleasure playing the game. 

The gameplay is so simple to understand that people of age 7 and above can have fun playing it.


  • Intricate miniature design
  • Unpainted miniatures give you a chance to be a miniature painter and paint them as per your own choice.
  • Many components that you may have fun assembling.


3. XCOM: The Space Game

The game is inspired by the award-winning video game ‘XCOM: Enemy Unknown’.

This board game gives you a chance to save humanity and the world as aliens have invaded to win over humans. You and up to three other persons are going to be the part of an elite origination known as XCOM.

As elite leaders, you will be controlling human armies, warriors, strategies, and tactics to avoid any damage to humanity. Your aim is to save humans from invasion and panic as well as outmaneuver aliens.

An innovative app assists you and your teammates to take down the invaders. The gaming environment is cooperative as all of you are going to help each other to win the battle for the future of humanity. The recommended players for the game are 1 to 4. Each player can take the role of a commander, a chief scientist, a central office, and a squad leader.


  • The game includes highly detailed miniatures.
  • Miniatures include sixteen sculpted XCOM soldiers, eight interceptors, and twenty-four U.F.O.s
  • A free coordinating mobile app to assist you in the game.


4. Terraforming Mars

Mankind is struggling to build up colonies on planet Mars as the climate change of the world has forced humanity to do so. This is the 2400s, and mankind has landed on Mars, taking it as a replacement of Earth.

Now you and your team members have landed on Mars, and all they have to do is to turn the planet into a habitable place for humans. You have to achieve several milestones to raise the temperature, balance oceans, and oxygen levels.

The game is played in a cooperative environment and you all help each other to make the most significant step in human history. As terraforming gets successful, more people are transferred from Earth to Mars to prove the experiment as a success.

This board game is for 1 to 5 persons and they all play in a cooperative environment. The game is best recommended for the kids aged 12+.


  • The game is equipped with 5 player boards where you keep track of your activity and money.
  • The game comes with 230 cards, 80 tiles that you place on the board to make oceans, forests, cities, and a rulebook.


5. Clank! In! Space!

This is a deck-building adventure board game set in space.

In this board game, you and your friends are disguising as thieves and you have decided to steal the most precious artifact from the spaceship of Lord Eradikus. You gather up but work alone to compete who gets the most precious treasure and walks out alive.

To steal the art craft from the evil lord, you need to hack the security computer of the spaceship to gain access to the command module. Once you find the artifact, leave the spacecraft as soon as possible. Beware one wrong step and clank! The unwanted noise will gather the attention of Lord Eradikus. If you don’t have the precious treasure, then you are not allowed to leave the spaceship. In achieving your milestone, you can recruit allies and collect loot.

The gameplay allows 2-4 players to be part of the grand theft. All players are working for themselves and the winner is the one who gets out of the spaceship alive with most points. The recommended age of the players is 13 and above. It takes 60 minutes to finish the game. Run for your life otherwise time will run out for you.


  • Beautifully designed with fantastic artwork on the boards and cards.
  • Storytelling is at its best.
  • Wooden and thick cardboard tokens are beautifully carved.


6. Cosmic Encounter

A favorite old-time game that was re-published in 2008.

Millions of years ago, your ancestors spread the seed of life to different planets, and they waited for the life to emerge from those planets but it went fruitless. Millennia passed and generations lost the quest for alien life eventually. Now, aliens sent back signals from different worlds, they are communicating and they are coming. Now you need to colonize other solar systems and planets for your alien cousins.

You and your friends are struggling to take over as many worlds as you can. The one who colonizes 5 planets beyond the limits of their home system, will be the winner. Each planet is guarded by some alien lord. You have to make your moves to take over it, check if you could make a political move, an agreement, or a war will be the solution.

This board game is best to play between 3-5 players age 13 and above. Each game takes 1 to 2 hours of your time but it’s all worth it.


  • The game is equipped with 50 different alien races
  • 100 plastic ships (20 per player)
  • 25 player planets (5 per player)
  • 50 Alien Sheets, 72 Cosmic Cards, 7 Grudge Tokens, 1 Genesis Planet, 1 Lunar Cannon Token, 1 Prometheus Token, and 1 Alternate Filch Flare


7. Space Base

Space Base is a quick-to-play dice game with the strategic engine builder mechanism that is obviously set in space.

You are appointed as a commodore and there are 12 sectors under your watch that you have to ensure the security. Plus, you have to draft all of the ships under your command to the space base. Your influence in these sectors matters a lot and you work hard to build up your reputation as a commodore.

To get a promotion to Admiral, you need to work even harder, earn profits, deploy cargo services, ensure security, mining ships, and do whatever is required in order to expand your control and impact. There are several space base commodores you are competing at the moment as they are working their best to be Admiral. Still, there can only be one commodore promoted to Admiral. Make sure that it is you.

The gameplay is fantastic as whether it’s your turn or not, you get rewarded. If it is not your turn you will get a “deployed” reward and if it’s your turn you are going to be awarded on your board. Do what the best you can to earn points as, in the end, points matter a lot to get you to the rank of Admiral.

The game keeps each player engaged from the first dice roll to the end of the game. The game is recommended for 3-6 people age 14 and above. It takes about an hour to play each round.


  • On every turn, each player harvests rewards.
  • The game engages each player from beginning to end.
  • 204 cards, 45 wooden cubes, 5 player boards, 1 rulebook


8. Monopoly: Star Wars

In this board game, a Star Wars fan can recall all the trilogies of the legend. The Monopoly edition of Star Wars lets people enjoy all the 9 episodes.

The artistic and astonishingly colorful board gives it a pleasing and unique look. The game has 9 tokens and each of them represents a character from any of the three Star Wars movies. Another exciting aspect of the game is, if a player lands on Holocron space or Jedi training, they will pick a card and do whatever it says.

The properties included in the Star Wars Monopoly are planets and droids and the last person who has the most credits will be the winner while others go bankrupt. The game is best recommended for people age 8 or above. A group of 2 to 9 people can enjoy the game.


  • Characters are taken from all the 9 episodes of star wars saga
  • There are only two currencies in the game – 10s & 5s.


9. Roll for The Galaxy

A take on the ‘Roll for the Race’ card game that is converted to a space-themed board game.

This board game is all about managing your lands and workers to do the best for your territory and the public. You are polishing your ruling skills in this game so are your friends, by doing the same job in their own jurisdiction.

Because in this board game you are going to build space empires. The roll of dice will determine who is going to develop new technologies, cargo goods, and set up new worlds. The long term organizational strategies, management skills, tactics, and even decisive actions when needed, make you a healthy and courageous leader of your nation.

You need to be the most sensible guidance for your workers to build up a prosperous world for your people. Think of brilliant ideas to achieve the best for your territories and in the end, if you succeed in building the most prosperous empire, you are the winner.

The game is meant for 2 to 5 people to play and all of the players are working for their own empires. It is an excellent strategically challenging game that takes 45 minutes to teach you how to be the ruler of a kingdom.


  • The game is a constructive competition to build a prosperous empire
  • The game is highly appreciated for its graphical representation.
  • Beware as small parts can be harmful to kids.


10. Merchant of Venus

In this board game, you are no troop or a warlord instead you are a trader who only wants to supply goods and make money. You need to think of the best interests to trade in some specific areas, the shortest possible ways of trade, the demand of current times, and how to meet new needs?

This is what Merchant of Venus is doing in the space from ship to ship and planet to planet. Along the way of trading, you need to learn the alien culture and get rich by exploiting their culture. If there are apparent feasibilities of the trading route than you must build spaceports, establish routes. and go for the wealth you deserve to earn. No weapons are needed this time to win over aliens, it’s all about your business approach and thinking tactics on how to make money. Keep upgrading your ship as well to make your way through destroying asteroids.

The game is for 1 to 4 players. The races they can choose from are Human, Whynom, Qossuth, or Eeepeeep. All of the others are playing as a trader as well, working hard to get things done. Still, the best one of you is the one who locates the fastest and reliable routes to different places to pace up his sales and purchase. 


  • Recreation of the classic space trading game.
  • Double-sided board. Featuring Richard Hamblen’s classic version on one side and Rob Kouba’s reimagined version on the other.
  • It can be used to plant economical concepts in the kids’ minds.



Space-themed board games are not only for those that love space. The element of sci-fi that comes with these games is also entertaining.

“Space, the final frontier.” These were the words that I grew up on. Watching Captain Kirk and his Enterprise crewmates travel to various planets made TV interesting.

As humans, we want to venture into the unknown and something that is dark is always fascinating. The sci-fi and space-themed games bring all of that life.

The games listed above also contain some of the best miniature board games. If you love miniatures, you can also consider getting one of these. This is like killing two birds with one stone.

The list above may seem biased, but this is my view of the best space board games that are available. Some of these games listed also include some best 80s board games.

Do let me know if you think otherwise. It would be good to know if you think another space-themed game should make it to the list above.

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