Best Mystery Board Games for you to Solve – 2020 Reviews

Curiosity is one of the most significant elements of human nature. It takes you to discover the unknown, no matter if it is a game or a real-time scenario. Mystery board games satisfy your thirst for curiosity. They also add the right amount of entertainment and fun. 

While board games are not very popular lately, there is nothing like a good board game to spend time with your family & friends.

Mystery board games are amazing when it comes to a fun-themed night. If you love your Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot mysteries, then get your magnifying glasses ready.


Top 10 Best Mystery Board Games

In this article, you will find some of the best mystery board games reviewed for you.

1. Clue

Clue - Best Mystery Board Games

This mystery board game takes you back to the famous award-winning TV show Downtown Abbey. The Clue mystery board game is inspired by that show. It ignites your curiosity with an important stolen object and makes you solve the mystery. The inspiration of the stolen items is taken from the show’s objects: a pocket watch, bow tie, lavender loaf, typewriter, pantry key, and telephone.

All you have to do is to find out all of them to help to solve the riddle out. You can be a part of the game as any character of your choice as there are Lord Grantham, Lady Mary, the Dowager Countess, John Bates, Mrs. Hughes, or Tom Branson available for your disguise. 

The good thing about this game is that six characters in it, you can play with a big group. All your family members or group of friends can enjoy the game by teaming up as well less than six people can also play it and enjoy it equally.

The game is a perfect family-friendly game and has nothing inappropriate that can be harmful to kids. This game can be a beautiful Christmas or birthday gift to someone above 13 years of age. It’s also available at a wonderfully affordable price.


  • All the characters of the actual show are available in the game with pasted pictures on cardboard.
  • All your characters can move around the game as there is a stand with which you can slide your card.
  • The board is a little darker. 


2. Escape Room

Imagine you are locked in a room and you have no idea how to get out. All you have is 60 minutes to find the way out of seemingly impossible scenarios to get out of the room. The level of intensity in the riddle is so high that you rush to decode all the clues you find to get yourself out of the locked room. The urge to solve the mystery makes this game so real that, for instance, it all feels real, and that is the beauty of the game. 

There are three situations in this board game that you may choose any of them to solve. The first one is The Secret Agent, then The Dentist, and the last one is The Space Station, all these levels are varying the level of difficulty. Master yourself at solving the riddles step by step.

It is recommended that 3 to 5 players play this board game, but two persons can also buckle up to solve the mysteries if they work fast and hard enough. The difficulty level is just right, and it is not horrifically impossible to play this game. The game is available at a very reasonable price and can be selected as a beautiful birthday gift.


  • There is a Chrono Decoder for your help to deal with the electronic part of the game.
  • The game is full of thrill and requires sharp thinking skills to solve riddle within time.
  • There are newer versions of the game available with different scenarios.
  • You can buy expansion of the game as well that can also work with the decoder.


3. Scotland Yard


A dangerous criminal, known as Mister X, has managed to break out the prison, and now he is roaming around London. And you, The Scotland Yard, are the only hope to catch the criminal and bring him back to justice. You have Mister X’s travel history, his tickets, and travel logs that can help you to track him down at any station in London. You, the detectives, have the privilege to make your moves to block the stations you think he might get on next, but Mister X wins if he survives 13 rounds of the game without being caught.

This board game multiplies the level of excitement by the diversity of scenarios and anticipating the next move of both sides. The game is so real and intense that it catches all your attention and makes you look into the tiny possibilities that your opponent could consider.

The game enhances your ability to make the right decision at the right time to catch the criminal or to dodge the detectives.

You need at least three players to play this board game. One player takes on the role of Mister X. At least two players play the detectives. Playing with less than three people will reduce the fun and will speed up the game for Mister X. 


  • The gameplay feels very authentic with all the pieces and scenarios.
  • The more the players, the more it’s fun.
  • The game is in English, but the instruction manual is multilingual, including English. 
  • The game has pieces of marble and other small parts that can be harmful to children under three years of age.


4. Betrayal At House On The Hill

To conquer your fears, first, you build them brick by brick in this enticing board game. This mysterious gameplay allows you to build up a haunted mansion and then go through different thrilling scenarios to get out of that house.

There are no less than 50 excitingly strange situations you may stick in, and then with a team effort, you resolve them to bail your team out, but, as things take a thrilling turn, one of your teammates betrays all of the others. This game triggers the horror wrapped up in the solvable mystery and brings you to tackle the fear on one side and a traitor on the other. 

The game is best for 3 to 6 players, but people less than that may also entertain themselves by playing this exciting game. You are bound to solve the riddle in 60 minutes. The puzzle justifies the time, and all you need is to team up and play thoughtfully to stay one step ahead.

The game is equipped with wonderfully constructed elements like room tiles, staircase, hall, and double-sided character cards along with a rule book and two horror books. All these elements add up the fun and reality to the scenarios and give you real-time pleasure and enjoyment.


  • Full of 50 thrilling scenarios.
  • Not only for kids, it’s so exciting that adults would also love to play this game.
  • It is randomly chosen who is going to betray their former team members, which keeps the suspense until it is revealed.
  • Some pieces are too small and can be harmful to kids.


5. Spy Alley

It’s a classic, thrilling board game that people who love deductive reasoning would like to play. The game is full of decisive moves, thrills, actions that make you bluff and double-cross your opponents to become the world top spy. 

The gameplay is all about keeping your identity hidden, so in the end, when on winning, you earn the title of the world’s best spy. It polishes your riddle-solving skills and brings out the hidden detective inside you to read your friend’s bluffs and decisive actions. The level of intensity in the game is so high that it will make you lie, cheat, and disguise to keep your identity hidden by using codebooks, keys, and passwords to stay in the game.

The players try to disguise their opponents to keep their identity hidden and moving on to fulfill their mission as well as keep working on uncovering their opponent spies of different countries. As long as your identity is not revealed, you still have a chance to find someone else’s disguise.

Recommended players for this one are 2-6 of any age above eight years. You can win the game or get caught within 30 to 45 minutes.


  • Spy Alley is the winner of 10 national awards
  • Selected as Best Mind Game by MENSA
  • Small parts can be harmful to kids below 3.
  • Strategies can be easy to understand for bright kids.


6. The Secret Door

A mysterious secret door is in front of you, and there are three hidden treasures behind that. All you and your team have to do is to run against the clock to solve the mystery that lies behind the door to get to the treasure. You have time till midnight to search out the mansion for clues, and with the help of those, you may reduce the thieves from getting away with the stolen treasure.

Find out the clues, deduce them, share your ideas with your team members, and work on collaborative strategies to keep the treasure from being slipped away. You have different cards dispersed in front of you upside down. If you pick up a card and there is a watch drawn on it, you are losing time, and thieves may get away under your watch. Be quick and sharp at solving the riddles to save what’s stolen.

This game provides you with a cooperative workspace to team up with your friends and resolve the mystery. It enhances your memory skills and polishes your logic and reasoning skills. The collaborative environment of this board game gives the kid a better understanding of team effort and makes them a team player. Time is supposed to be your primary opponent in the game that you have to beat.

The game is recommended for kids age between 5 to 8 years.


  • Parent’s Choice award-winning game.
  • Easy to learn for kids yet compelling enough that they want to play repeatedly 
  • Cooperative environment polishes the sharing skill of the kids
  • Cards are a little thin, so using them with care would increase their life


7. Detective

Just as literal as the name of the game is, the detective is a modern board game that brings out your detective capacities and polishes them. This board game includes complex and intense, mysterious scenarios to work upon and solve a series of crimes. You have to find and investigate the clues to solve five different crime scenes, but the exciting thing is that all the crimes are interconnected and tell a complete story when solved. You can get help from clues, general knowledge, and the Antares database to unfold the mystery.

This one also gives you a collaborative gameplay environment in which you help each other as well as at some point you may even get help from the internet, solving the general knowledge-based clues with the help of Google or any other source. The maturity of the carved story of the game takes you to the next level of thrill and excitement and makes your game night a fun worth remembering. You do not win or lose in the game as it’s all about how good of a detective you are and how well you behaved in different situations.

This game is recommended for 1 to 5 persons age 16 and up to team up and solve the crime. 2 to 3 hours of gameplay give you with your friends or family an enjoyable game night experience loaded with fun and thrill. 


  • The storyline is so intense that it feels a true detective while playing
  • The environment of the game is cooperative and immersive
  • Brainstorm activity as well as entertainment
  • People who do not like reading too much may get a little bored


8. Pandemic

Here lies a mystery in front of you in the form of a board game, but in this, there is no crime to solve or combat to fight.

In this game, you and your team are part of a health official team that is fighting against a pandemic to control it. The scenario is too intense that, for instance, it feels like you are genuinely saving the people and the planet. There are four deadly infectious diseases for you to fight against and to make strategies to control pandemic and cure people.

This one is also a collaborative game in which you team up with your friends to control the infectious disease from spreading. Not only the outbreak, but it’s also the time as well that your team has to beat.

The game can be played between 2 to 4 players, and it takes 45 minutes to win or to let the world slip in the mouth of the pandemic.


  • The collaborative game environment helps you learn team spirit
  • The sensitive topic of the storyline provokes the humanitarian spirit within kids
  • A cooperative game in which either you all win like a team or lose together
  • Beware of the small objects of the game that can be harmful to the kids under 3


9. Mansions Of Madness

You are trapped in the town of Arkham’s alleys, and streets, the dark, silent, cold, and haunted mansions of the town are in your way to dig out different clues. By solving those clues only, you would be able to get rid of those crazy mansions. Remember that you are not alone in the town whose life is threatened, there are up to four other players with you struggling for their lives as well. All of you guys are working together to save each other’s backs. Either you win as a team or you lose together.

In this board game, you also have an app to assist you in carving your way out. There are times when you have to consult the app to get help. The app also helps you in investigating the clues and different scenarios.

The game is full of different thrilling scenarios to satisfy your thirst for mysteries and curiosity as well. 1 to 5 players are recommended to play this game of above 14. More players can work together to solve the mystery and have fun.


  • Double-sided maps
  • Multiple scenarios
  • It needs an app to play, IOS, Android, and PC apps are available to assist.


10. 221B Baker Street

Imagine yourself as high functioning sociopath known as the great Sherlock Holmes, while roaming around on the streets of Victorian London with Dr. Watson to pick up clues and unveiling the mysteries. In this business, you also have the help of Scotland Yard to solve crimes and riddles.

You have to solve no less than 200 exciting puzzles explicitly written for this game. These Sherlock adventures written for the game, ignite the deduction powers hidden within you to uncover the mysteries and helping law and order to bring criminals to justice. 

This board game can be played between two persons comparatively, but more people can also have fun. Players can join hands to reach different locations in the game and, on finding the clue, can discuss it with each other and help Sherlock Holmes to solve the crime. 


  • The game is best recommended to play for two people playing co-operatively
  • There are 200 cases for you to solve 
  • Some people find it a little too simple to play


In this list, you will find 10 of the best mystery board games. Some of the board games are fun for couples to play together, while others are for a larger group. You can decide to pick from collaborative or competitive games too.

What is your favorite game from this list?

Did you find any game missing that should be added? Let me know in the comments section below.

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