Best Dungeon Crawl Board Games Reviews

A brave warrior is fighting for a treasure hidden in dungeons under the castle. The castle built by a king years ago, on top of the snow-covered mountain. The treasure is guarded by a giant furious snake or a fire breathing dragon. Yet, the brave warrior breaks all the hurdles and finds the treasure that he will share with the needy and poor.

These are the stories we heard from our grannies or read from storybooks while growing up. These stories used to be our best childhood fantasy.

Dungeon crawl board games made this captivating act of bravery real for us by giving us an opportunity to be a part of that story. This makes the dungeon crawl board games fun for family and friends to play and enjoy all along.

Dungeon crawl is a fantasy scenario in which heroes battle monsters and other characters in a maze type of environment. Hence, the name dungeon crawl. The heroes avoid traps, solve puzzles, and loot treasure as part of these games.

Without further ado, here is the list of the top 10 best dungeon crawl board games.

1. Dungeon

The board game Dungeon is a simplified version of the game Dungeons & Dragons.

There lies an astonishing amount of treasure hidden in a dungeon full of life-taking threats and hurdles. Hundreds of soldiers and sophisticated ways to the wealth are ahead of you to stop you and your opponents from doing so. And then, in the end, comes a monster to keep you away from wealth.

You can play the game as a Fighter, Rogue, Cleric, or Wizard. You take one of the characters and leave rest for your opponents. Different characters have different attributes they can use to get to the treasure. The dungeon is filled with the lost treasure as well as monsters you need to combat to collect the valuables. The one who receives enough wealth and gets away with it will be the winner of the game.

This board game provides fun for the kids of age 8 and up. The game can be played with up to 8 players. The game time lasts about 30 minutes.

Here is a video of how to play Dungeons.


  • The game rules are easy to understand.
  • It is a fast-paced game.
  • Aesthetically beautiful with its pleasing graphics.
  • Equally fun for 2 players as well as 8 players.
  • Small pieces are a little challenging to set up.


2. Tomb of Annihilation

This is a classic board game based on the “Tomb of Annihilation” storyline for Dungeons & Dragons.

This game board takes you to the thrilling adventure of finding the treasure in the darkest jungles of all, the jungle of Chult. In these mysterious scenarios, you will find monsters for fighting and traps to dodge to get to the treasure.

The Tomb of Annihilation board game is designed such that you can play as a single-player or a co-operative game. You can play with 2 to 5 friends together. You can help each other to skip traps, sort out the challenging quests, and decipher spells.

You can have 5 hero tiles, 4 villain tiles, arc standees, devil face standees, and much more to have fun setting up and pouring reality to the game. The gameplay is 60 minutes full of fun, and the intensity of it captivates the players to finish the game before the monsters take your players down.




  • The game is as good for a single player as it is for multiple players.
  • The game can be combined with other D&D adventure board games like Temple of Elemental Evil and many others.
  • Beware of the miniatures as they can be harmful to kids.
  • Some people may find the board a little bigger than usual.


3. Dark Souls

This board game is based on the famous video game with the same name. Dark Souls is a board game that captures the same feel as the game. It truly shines in the boss battles.

A curse has fallen upon humanity. You are the only chosen one to fight for the future of this world, as well as humanity. There are scarecrows, giant stone warriors, and plants waiting in your way to crush you before you save humanity from the undead. The situation is so quiet, dark, and full of monsters, magic, strategies, and treasures.

You will find yourself captivated with the gameplay as you move forward in the corridors and alleys of the dungeon. You will be exploring the place to find out the treasure while fighting the monsters and the dark souls for your life. Not only that, but there are boss fights as well that can end up either way.

With this board game, you will have 9 dual-sided character boards and multiple scenarios that come randomly to your way. You will find 64 health and stamina dozes you may discover to inject yourself with some more courage.

The game is best recommended for 1-4 players and meant for cooperative gameplay.


  • The game is highly immersive.
  • 27 highly detailed miniatures.
  • High replayability.
  • Expansions are available that make the game expandable to the next levels.
  • Some people may find the rulebook a little difficult to understand.


4. Descent: Journeys in the Dark

An exciting dungeon-crawl board game that was first released in 2005. In this fantasy board game, one player takes the role of the overlord and up to 4 other players play the heroes.

The player who is the overlord will try to win by exhausting the victory points of the hero players. All the hero characters have to defeat the overlord. As part of the game, they have to go through multiple quests, fight against monsters and spirits in search of treasure.

Intense gameplay that allows 2 to 5 people to take part in the game in a cooperative gaming environment. All the mystery is solved together, ideas and strategies are shared to get to the treasure.

The game is recommended for the kids above 14 as the level of tactics and intensity is not for younger kids. It takes 1-2 hours to complete this masterpiece as it takes time for the courageous heroes to win.

If you are keen on dungeon-delving adventure, then you should certainly consider adding this game to your collection. A revised second edition of the game is also available from the game publishers – Fantasy Flight Games.


  • Featuring double-sided modular board pieces.
  • Includes 50 detailed plastic miniatures.
  • 9 custom dices, 48 dual-sided map tiles, and 250 cards.
  • You can also play solo along with the help of the companion app.
  • The board game does not take too much table space.


5. Super Dungeon Explore

This is a fascinating game to look at. Super Dungeon Explore is a board game that takes the best about the Japanese RPG video games. It is all about hack & slash with the fancy chibi miniatures that you have in your set.

In this dungeon crawl board game, one player takes the role of the evil Dark Consul and 2 to 5 players take the role of heroes. The team of heroes plays together to fight against hundreds of monsters coming their way to stop the heroic progress. You defeat the dungeon boss to win the game. The Dark Consul wins by killing all the heroes.

The board game comes with 52 miniatures, cards, and game tokens to multiply the level of entertainment. 2 to 6 players are recommended to team up and play the game to enjoy the game. The set comes with so many small parts, so the recommended age to play this game is above 13. It takes 60 to 90 minutes from the start to reach the Consul and take him down looting treasure all the way.


  • More than 50 detailed plastic miniature objects
  • 16 custom battle dice
  • 32 pages rulebook
  • 9 unique hero models
  • You need to glue up different objects and miniatures of the game, which is a bit difficult.


6. Doom

The most furious demons from hell have invaded your land to destroy anything coming in their way. Here you are, a bunch of elite marines, to save humanity from being wiped out. The team of marines has weapons, tactics, artillery, and hardy armor to kill enemies. On the other side, the invader player can use his side of tactics and an army of demons with him to take over the land. This board game takes you to an intense situation no matter what side you are playing on.

When you start the game, there has to be one invader and one to four elite marines. Both the opponents are provided with the objectives of their own to achieve. There are multiple missions in the game. Each task has different rules, specialized maps, tactics, various items to retrieve, and specific objectives for both the invader and the marines. You have to be very smart with the strategies you make for each mission to take down your opponent.

We suggest you try the game from both of the perspectives, and you will have a nerve-racking experience of the complex and thrilling gameplay. It is an addictive game that can be the best option for a game night. Each game last about 2 to 3 hours.


  • The game is inspired by the Bethesda Softworks’ blockbuster science-fiction shooter game.
  • High customizability of the players on runtime.


7. Star Wars: Imperial Assault

A civil war has broken out. The rebels’ alliances against the Galactic Empire, the troops of the Empire having limitless resources ready to raid over the rebels. On the contrary, rebels are well equipped and crazy enough to destroy the Empire’s hold on the galaxy.

That is where the thrill begins with several missions, techniques, warfare, and adventures to make it perfect gameplay. Both the armies are full of weapons and free to make randomized actions to turn the fate of the Galactic Empire, upside down.

In this exciting board game, you can either be a heroic leader of rebellions or a commander of the armies of Stormtroopers and imperial officers of the Galactic Empire. Either way, the game urges you to take thoughtful steps of bravery and strategically marvelous moves to achieve your objectives come with each mission.

This dungeon-crawl board game can be played with two to five players as one is the commander of the army, and up to four players become the heroes of rebellions. This battle of freedom is going to captivate you for 1 to 2 hours with all its great causes and heroic battles to save the galaxy.


  • One thrilling campaign holds thirty missions makes the game diverse each time you play.
  • Full of sculpted plastic figures to make it more interesting.
  • Either play campaign game or skirmish game, both are fun.
  • Fast-paced gameplay.


8. Mansions Of Madness

Arkham, a town of narrow and dark streets in which death is breathing all over and roaming waiting for your team. The haunted mansions of the town are there for you to search out the clues for your life. Only by decoding those clues right, you would be able to get rid of those haunted mansions. This entire thrill also allows you to loot the treasure and get away with it.

The good thing about being in Arkham that you are not alone in there. There are up to four other players with you struggling for their lives as well. This is a cooperative gaming environment, so all of you guys are looking after each other’s backs. No matter you win or lose, it’s a team victory or other way round.

For this board game, there also is available an app for IOS, Android, and PC assisting you in digging your way out of Arkham. There are times when you have to consult the app, and it shows you the maps and other data you required according to the situation, as well as helping you in investigating the clues.

The game is full of thrilling scenarios, and if you love mystery and thrill, then this is for you. 1 to 5 players are recommended to play this game of above 14. Having more players can work together to solve the mystery and have fun.


  • Dual-sided maps add to the replayability of the game
  • Multiple scenarios never let you get bored
  • It needs an app to play, IOS, Android, and PC apps are available to assist.
  • Setting up this big game can be a little difficult for some people.


9. Gloomhaven

Gloomhaven is the gameplay in which 1 to 4 players take part and all the different characters of the game with different skill sets, travel towards a mysterious part of the world. You go through tactical combat to clear your way through breathtaking dungeons and ruins. While proceeding, you will have treasures to loot, monsters to fight, and experience to learn more about combat and strategy making. The storyline of the game is determined by the adventurers and the wild decisions you make.

The game is a cooperative environment where players help each other and share their ideas when needed. After each scenario, you will decide what to do next, and the future of the game relies upon that decision. This board game is recommended for the kids of 12, and above, adults can also have to play this game as it enhances the strategy making skills. It will take 1 to 2 hours of intensity and thrill to finish this game and come out of it as a legend.



  • According to many review sites, this game was the top game of 2017.
  • It has more than 90 missions ensuring much fun.
  • The game is thought to be a bit expensive.


10. Mice and Mystics

The Kingdom of Owendale is under the curse of Vanestra the evil, once the king wanted to see as his queen. All those who were loyal to the king, their loyalty cost them a price, so they lost their human form and turned into mice.

Now you and your other loyal friends have to figure out how to escape the curse of evil. All the characters will work together to find Vanestra’s weakness, as this needs flawless planning and hard work to find any. And then going through different challenges to draw the Kingdom out of her vicious spell and restore the peace of the country. There are not only the Vanestra’s controlled minions in your way, but as a mouse, your biggest enemy is also there, the castle’s housecat, Brodie. You must save yourself from her deadly paws.

The game can be played between one to four players of the ages of the players recommended as above 7. The gameplay costs you 60 to 90 unforgettable minutes as the thrill, and unexpected scenarios give you goosebumps whenever you think about them. This storyline is kind of fun you are going to remember for a long while.


  • Story-driven game
  • It sounds easy when they recommend the age of 7+, but its fun for adults as well as it requires tactics and decision makings.
  • Easy to follow the storyline



I hope you liked the list of the top 10 best dungeon-crawl board games. None of these games overlap with the mystery board games that I wrote about earlier. But you can certainly add one or two from this list to the list of the best board games for couples to play together if you wish to be on opposite sides.

Which of these games do you own or are looking to add to your collection?

Let me know in the comments section below.

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