9 Best 80s Board Games

The 80s board games carry a bit of nostalgia for those GenXers out there. It was a simpler time, a time without all the noise of the internet and cell phones for everyone. This was a time that children ran and played outside and board games with their family.

During the 80s Saturday morning was the day of cartoons and it was pretty much the only time that there would be cartoons to watch. Because these times were more simple, there was a lot of creativity that went into some now very famous board games.

9 Top 80s Board Games

Let’s take a look at some of these now, famous, board games.



Monopoly was a wonderfully long game that would take sometimes hours to complete. Monopoly isn’t technically an 80’s game. In fact, it was produced in the 1930s. However, Hasbro took it over in the 1990s and obtained the rights to the game as well as the Parker Brothers.

During the 1980s there were a lot of legal things going on with Monopoly. During the 1980s, a parody of the game was released which caused all these legal exposures. It is a game that teaches capitalists ventures and has been quite popular over the years.

However, if you have one from the 1930s version that is in pristine condition you could be sitting a little bit of extra cash. We have seen one go for around $100 which, given today’s price of a new one is $13, brings a net profit of $83, probably more if we knew exactly how much the game cost back in the day.

Trivial Pursuit

During the 1980s this trivia game tested your knowledge and had over 20,000 copies sold in 1984. However, if you are lucky enough to have one of these games in really good condition you could be looking at $40-$300 in a sale. This is quite a bit of profit if the game was purchased at its current price of $20-$40.

The Game of Life

This is also not technically an 80s game but it is another loved board game. This game was made during the civil war time but became more popular in the 1960s. A vintage game of life that is in good condition can sell for anywhere for $30-230. Today, you can purchase a new copy from $5-$25.

Mouse Trap

Mouse Trap was another loved game in the 80s and it requires no skills, only luck. This game sells today for $17 but if you have a nice US original we have seen it go for over $150. However, if you have a UK version you can get even more, up to $250.


A game of mystery and suspense. There are two editions that were very popular which was released in 1986 and 1988. These have had some lasting memories for some which can be very lucrative for others. The 1988 game in good condition is selling for $40-$200 and the 1986 version $40-100. The costs are $20-40 for the game originally.


Scrabble is a classic. During the 80s it was purchased by Hasbro. This is a game that is a foundation for many apps we use today. In the 80s it was so popular that there was even a tv show around it. There was a deluxe version made that was a rotating wooden board. These can bring in as much as $100, while a new game is only about $10.

Connect Four

Connect four is a fun game for all ages. It is a super simple concept. It was released in 1974 and sells for around $14. However, an older version in good condition can bring you as much as $100 today.

Escape from Atlantis



Escape from Atlantis was released in 1982. It soon became wildly popular among some groups, and even spread overseas from the US. This board game carries a lot of nostalgia, which is why we believe you can sell on for as much as $70.

Which Witch

In 1970 this amazing 3D game was born. It received an 80s makeover becoming a Ghost Buster style theme. If you have a copy of the original that is unopened, it has been known to sell for up to $280 and a sealed copy sells from $80-175.


Final Thoughts

So, these were the 9 top games from the 1980s. How many of these did you play and still own?

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